Història Odontologia Campistol

Clinical history

In 1985 we opened the doors of what was the Orthodontic Clinic of Doctor Pere Campistol in the heart of the city of Girona. Like any big project, the beginnings were complicated: in 1985 I only worked in Girona 3 days a week because the rest of the days I was busy working in a clinic in Sabadell and in another one in Castelldefels, where I started visiting after finishing my studies. In other words, it was not until the end of 1986 that I settled permanently in Girona.

From that moment onwards, the work began to take off. It is worth mentioning that at that time we were only 3 exclusively orthodontists in the city and that I was very lucky that my father, Dr. Josep Campistol Vila (renowned pediatrician from Girona), always referred me to his patients.

Now, after more than 30 years working exclusively as an orthodontist, which is what I am most passionate about, I wanted to expand the clinic and offer all kinds of treatments.

``Practicing exclusively as an orthodontist for more than 30 years``

This is a project that I decided to carry out with great enthusiasm and a great deal of clients and experience. To do this, I decided to increase the team by adding new professional doctors in their field: Dr. Joan Raga Serra, Dr. Francesc Álvarez Carbonera and Dra. Sara Alvarez Carbonera. Since then (2016), the clinic has been renamed Campistol Dentistry.

I am so grateful for the staff I have always had; I can say that throughout this project I have had very professional, competent and very dedicated people. In particular, I would like to highlight the trust and work done by two assistants: Teresa Fontas and Cristina Sabate, who have been working at the clinic for over 25 years.

``This is a very exciting project thatr I start wih a lot of experience and many clients``

Our priority has always been the oral health of our patients. We strive day after day to offer a fully personalized service to each of our customers and a very close treat. 

My hope is that Odontologia Campistol will continue to advance and prosper, expanding services and acquiring professionals as competent as we have had to date. Not to mention that I would like my successors and kids to continue to do the same good work that I have done all these years.

Dr. Pere Campistol Plana