Dr. Francesc Álvarez Carbonera

Collegiate number 6409
· Degree in Dentistry from the University of Barcelona (2005-2010).

 · Master in Periodontics and Oral Implantology (2011-2014).

· Collaborator of the Master in Periodontics and Oral Implantology at the University of Barcelona (2014).

Attendance at courses and conferences:

· SEPES Barcelona Annual Meeting (2009).

· COEC Dr. Padrós: “Ideas, details, materials and techniques to overcome difficulties and hesitations in the practice of clinical dentistry” (2009).

· SEPA Girona annual meeting (2010).

· SCOE course: “Simple solutions to uncomfortable problems in clinical practice (2010).

· SCOE course: “Refresher day in oral surgery and oral and facial implantology” (2010).

· SCOE course: “Update day on implants” (2010).

· Theoretical-practical course Drs. López i Jané: “Diagnosis in oral medicine” (2011).

· UIC-Straumann Symposium: “Current Concepts in Implantology, the Focus of the University of Zurich” (2011).

· SCOE course: “Periodontics Update Day” (2011).

· International Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry course with Drs. Stephen Chu, Dennis Tarnow, Jaime Gil: “Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry: Innovations and controversies” in Madrid (2011).

· SEPA Annual Meeting Oviedo (2011).

· II Catalan Conference on Update in Implantology (2011).

· Dr. SCOE course Peñarrocha: “Periapical surgery. Sinus lift ”(2011).

· Clinical Chamber Course: “X Symposium on Implantology” (2011).

· SEPA course: “I have a question for Dr. Juan Blanco ”(2012).

· SCOE course: “Refresher day in oral surgery” (2012).

· Triennial meeting EUROPERIO Vienna (2012).

· SEPES Granada Annual Meeting (2012).

· SEPA Madrid Annual Meeting (2012).

· Curs Straumann: “Update in Implantology” (2012).

· Dr. SCOE course Pi Urgell: “Implantology-Regenerative Surgery. Treatment alternatives ”(2013).

· SEPA Granada Annual Meeting (2013).

· Dr. Gallo SCOE course: “Surgery Update Day” (2013).

· MOZOGRAU course: “Improving results in implantology” (2014).

· SEPA Valladolid Annual Meeting (2014).

· BIONER Microcargol Course for Suturing Grafts (2015).

· COEC course: “Update in implantology by the best experts” organized by Clínica Dental STOMA (2016).

· SEPA Valencia Annual Meeting (2016).